Monday, March 16, 2020

Othello Moderno essays

Othello Moderno essays O is a teen adapted modernization of Shakespeares play Othello, The Moor of Venice. Now, with modernizations things can get a little shaky. The filmmakers tried to make it as close to the actual story though. It revolves around Odin Othello (Mekhi Phifer). He goes to an esteemed prep school which is located in America. In the story Odin is on the basketball team, from the story you can see that he was accepted for his ability to bring glory to them on the basketball court. The antagonist of the story is Hugo Iago (Josh Hartnett). Some say that Jealousy is a dangerous emotion. In this case one could say it really is. The affection of Hugos father, who is also the coach of the basketball team is enough to cause a spark. There is a part in the movie where the coach (Martin Sheen), says of Odin, "I love him like my own son." Hugo has the ability to manipulate people to do his own doing. This is a part where the movie itself lacks a bit. The ease he has with convincing people makes it look like he is not manipulating them, but merely playing upon their sense of gullibility. From then on Hugo begins a path of manipulation and deceit towards his own plans, which will bring about the destruction of Odin. The way Hugo brings about this is working towards Odins soft spot. This is Desi (Julia Stiles) whom is the woman that Odin loves. He works his manipulative games by subtly leaving hints to Odin that Desi is cheating on him, when in reality she really isnt. Hugo also enlists in the help of his roommate Roger Rodriguez (Elden Henson of "The Mighty" in the Rodrigo role), to bring Odin down. The acting in the movie is pretty solid. Mekhi Phifer does a good job all in all with playing Odin. He really captures the inner struggle that hes going through when he begins to believe that Hugo was right about his allegations of Desis cheating on him. ...

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