Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Jacksonian revolution Essay Example

Jacksonian revolution Essay As a person and as a president Andrew Jackson was looked upon in different ways.There are many people that have a high regard for him during his presidency, while others scorn him as a president.He is portrayed as an intimidating, energetic, aggressive and compelling person. Several people are under the impression that Andrew Jackson was responsible for the creation of the Democratic Party, however, this article expels this idea and informs the reader the actual story.John C. Calhoun and Martin Van Buren banned together to form an alliance with one another as well as with several politicians from the south.A political organization that revolved around the presidential candidacy of Jackson was created by this group of southern politicians.This political organization became acknowledged as the Democratic Party.From knowing this, it is evident that Andrew Jackson was not the creator of this party; rather, it was the group of politicians that admired Jackson that were responsible. The m embers of the Democratic Party practice the same principles as Jackson.They opposed the idea of a strong central government, as well as, a broad interpretation of the Constitution. The idea of the federal government sponsoring public works was greatly opposed by the Democrats.They argued that internal improvements could inflate the power of the central government and jeopardize liberty. During his presidency, Andrew Jackson used his powers in numerous amounts of ways.Jackson vetoed many bills that came across him, this exemplifying a way in which he used his power.Jackson vetoed congressional legislation more times then all the other presidents combined. Another example of how he used his power was he favored majority rules.He announced to Congress The majority is to govern.This belief was mostly due to the fact that he was devoted to a strict dedication to democracy.Jackson p

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